L    u    i    s    a          M    a    r    q    u    i    s    e          C    a    s    a    t    i          ( 1  8  8  1 – 1  9  5  7 )




Luisa Marquise Casati became the wealthiest woman in Italy at the age of 15 after both her parents died. She influenced generations of artists and SHOCKED most of her contemporaries on the regular. Known best for her Famous late night walks, wearing nothing but her fur coats and walking with her 2 cheetahs adorned with diamond leashes. She supported a large group of artist among them many gays and lesbians who lived with her.

She has been an inspiration to John Galliano throughout his career; his Spring/Summer Collection in 1998 for Christian Dior was inspired by this divine tragic beauty. I say Tragic since she spent her later years in “rich people poverty” after accumulating a personal debt of $25 million. She was buried wearing a black and leopardskin splendor of a creation and fake eyelashes.

What the hell do i wear to work Monday?



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