Made to Measure and Ready Made

M    e    n           S    u    i    t    s           /          A           B    i    t           o    f           H    i    s    t    o    r    y

A gentleman should always keep his rocket in a state of perfection. Because a gentleman’s rocket is his home and therefore an indication of how he conducts himself in private, it should always be clean and orderly. A gentleman’s things inside the rocket should be organized and properly put away. A gentleman must not leave his garments or possessions scattered about or his furniture in a disorganized fashion. If he must hire a maid to achieve this state, then so be it.

A gentleman’s rocket should function properly. If it falters or does not operate properly in the presence of a lady, then the lady will know that man is not dedicated.

If a lady is abducted in a gentleman’s absence and taken to a remote laboratory on a barren moon or asteroid, the gentleman must drop all other enterprises and pursue at once the task of rescuing her. The lady should remain brave, knowing that even though her captor may be loathsome and scandalous to no end, and that even though he may well intend to drain her blood, remove her brain, or supplement her femininity with dreadful robotic augmentations, a gentleman of fine pedigree is rushing to the rescue.


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