The Regency Period (1795–1820)

The French Revolution brought dramatic changes to clothing. No one wanted to be associated with the French aristocracy or dress as such. Napoleon and the new French Empire sought inspiration in Greco-Roman ideals of beauty, art and architecture. In women’s clothing the corset temporarily vanishes and is replaced by a high waist dress better known as the Empire Silhouette. The new silhouette is fitted just below the bust and flows loosely below.






During          this          time          London          introduces          long          trousers         for         men.


  1. I love these pictures! Where are all the small prints from? (The small ones in 7 rows in the middle-ish) Are they from fashion plates?

    • they are from a publication in the 1820’s, they look like etchings to me and i think the coloration is either printed beforehand or hand painted on top, not too sure, some of the images have information at the very bottom with the publications name (image 26 is one)

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