The Sixteenth Century

By the Sixteenth Century Europe becomes more familiar with continents such as Asia and Africa and the discovery of America. This allowed countries such as Spain and Portugal (who were aided by other countries as well) to import Egyptian cotton, Persian, Iraqi and Syrian silks and Indian cotton stuffs. Lyons and Antwerp become the principal financial center of trading luxury goods in Europe. During this time Italy develop banking organizations and luxury industries for the production of silk as well as lace. Other countries such as England and France focused on their woolen industry.

There is a major shift in fashion in the sixteenth century. Italian fashion, which had dominated Europe during the fifteenth century, became weaker. France and especially Spain were now the dominant influences that dictated fashion in Europe. Another dramatic shift in fashion is a complete separation of men’s wear and women’s wear. Both of which, become incredibly intricate and highly elaborate in design. The images below will focus on illustrating Menswear and Womenswear during this period.


Men’s Wear 16th Century






Women’s Wear 16th Century





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